SMACC Panthers

San Marcos, Texas   Christian Home Educators

We did not have enough people at Spring training or interest for this season, so we have had to make other arrangements. If you have an interested player, please contact Vickie Williams at

San Marcos Area Christian Competitors (SMACC) Panthers is a group of Christian homeschool families that have High School and Junior High children that wish to compete in football and cheerleading.

We believe in a positive Christian environment for our children. One in which all family members can come and enjoy the sport and the competition as players and spectators.

Eligibility Guidelines: We follow all TCAL eligibility rules.

If you are interested in Basketball or Volleyball -

If you are interested in Cross Country or Track -


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SMACC (San Marcos Area Christian Competitors)

SMACC Panthers Win First State Title

SMACC Panthers
6 Man Varsity Football
Game Field:
333 South Reimer Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666